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Get featured on an episode of Enough Wicker

Want a chance to be featured on an Enough Wicker episode?

Well, our podcast is coming to a close, and we want to repeat the incredible success of our previous fan submission episode by inviting you back to record once again!

This time, we're asking fans to record a clip of themselves discussing one or more of their favorite moments from the Enough Wicker podcast.


This could be a topic we discussed, a funny conversation, or a reflection of the series by either Sarah and Lauren or one of their guests that helped shape your feelings about the greatest television show of all time, The Golden Girls. Get into the scholarship, put some thought into your response, and then record it using the module on the page linked below.

Please keep your submissions under 5 minutes long, but feel free to discuss more than one moment if you have them! We'll collect names and email addresses to both inform you if your entry will be featured on a podcast episode of Enough Wicker, and/or if you've won some sweet prizes.

Can't wait to revel in the joys of this podcast through the years and hear what you all have to say. Thank you for being a friend and fan.

~ Lauren & Sarah

Thanks for entering!

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