Get Featured on an Episode of the Enough Wicker Podcast


The time has come, Golden Girls fans. You now have a shining opportunity to be featured on the only Golden Girls scholarly podcast in existence, proclaiming to the world your very own scholarly thoughts on the greatest television show of all time.

Read on to find out how to get featured in the Enough Wicker fan episode at the end of 2021 ---- or our name isn't BED!

golden girls podcast recording.jpeg

What kind of a contest is this?

In order to let everyday Golden Girls fans contribute and get a chance to be featured on the Enough Wicker podcast, we’re running a contest where fans can call in and share what scene or storyline from a Golden Girls episode really ‘hooked’ them -- and describe, in their best scholarly take, why it resonates with them.

After all, anyone can be a scholar. With your help, we're going to prove it!

What do you mean by 'scholarly take'? What do you want me to say?

We want you to record yourself, for a maximum of 5 minutes, discussing a nuance of The Golden Girls, and why it applies to your life, made you think about life in a different way, gets you to explore philosophical or sociological ideas, piqued your interest in social justice issues, helped you better understand the person you are, or literally anything that you can fashion in a thoughtful reflection about this wondrous television show.

If we find your clip resonant, we'll place your voice recording directly into an Enough Wicker compilation episode alongside the other best entries. 

Is there anything you don't want me to say?

We don't want you to say things like, "I love the episode about the murder mystery because it's so funny!" We all know it's hilarious. Dig deeper!

So, if I submit, will I automatically get onto an episode of the podcast?

I mean, we hate to be gatekeepers, but like the fatal blossom of the graceful jimson weed, we entice with our fragrance but can only provide succor if your submission works well for a podcast episode. We believe in you!

Anyone who does submit according to the instructions will get their name listed on 🎉

What other kinds of prizes can I win?

Glad you asked! All entrants, as long as they provide an accurate name and email address, will be entered to win any one of the following epic prizes:

- Set of 4 collectible Golden Girls Funko Pop figurines

- ​Any Way You Slice It Golden Girls game

- Kate Browne’s The Golden Girls TV Milestones scholarly book

- Matt Browning’s The Definitive Golden Girls Cultural Reference Guide book

- and more!

OK OK, I'm ready to record my submission!

Great! Get your microphone ready (either on your computer or phone), ensure your surroundings are quiet, and click the green button below when you're ready!

Remember you have 5 minutes max. You're angels. All of you.


Questions? Get in touch here.